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Company is absolutely free of charge!  However, you will need to register in order to unlock the full features of the program.  Registering is free of charge too!

The reason you need to register is that I originally charged $19.95 to unlock all the features of Company, but since I've started offering it for free I haven't bothered to remove the licensing procedures in the software.

Follow the simple steps below to get your free license.

Click here to submit your registration info.  Once you have done this, you will be sent a "Registration Code" via email, which you will use to unlock the program.

Click here for details on how to unlock Company with your "Registration Code".


By registering Company you will get the following benefits:


Play as many times as you like!
In the unregistered version, you can play the game for 15 times only, after which Company will expire.  The registered version, however, can be played an endless number of times!


Play with 2, 3 or 4 players!
In the unregistered version, there can't be more than 2 players.  But this limitation does not apply to the registered version. The more players there are, the more exciting it gets!  You will be bargaining, plotting and negotiating within your group about buying and selling companies, granting loans, etc which makes Company a much more fun experience!

bulletSave games and load them later!
In the unregistered version, you can't resume an incomplete game.  But in the registered version, you can easily save the current game and continue playing it some other time!
bulletEnjoy full support!
Should you have any question or problem regarding the game, you will get prompt help from the developer of Company himself!

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