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Registering Company

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When you get your free license for Company, you must enter the "Registration Code" you received via email to register the software and remove the registration notice. You can do this in two ways:


Company displays a registration notice when opened, click the "Enter Registration Code..." button from that screen.


Select "Enter Registration Code..." from the "Help" menu.

When the "Register Company" dialog appears, enter your "User Name" and "Registration Code" exactly as they appear in the instructions you received via email. Once entered, click "Register" to register Company.

The "Serial Number" is a random value created the first time Company is installed on any computer.  This is an anti-piracy measure.  You will need to include this "Serial Number" along with your "User Name" when you order Company.

If you have made a mistake or entered wrong information, a notice will be displayed stating the information was incorrect. If you have not yet ordered Company, click "Cancel" and click here to find out how to get a free license.

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